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Friday, January 12, 2018

Where do we go from here?

     As we open the door to 2018, we have a tendency to ask "Where do we go from here?"  Whether it's a resolution or a promise to "do it different this year" or a new business plan... a new year is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, of just fool ourselves into thinking something will change.

     I recently had a discussion with a colleague about our goals for pilotballcaps.com.  He was talking explosive growth, advertising campaigns and hiring out the very things that make us unique.  I took it all in and seem to have come to a decision... just do more of the same.  Keep being what we are.  

     Every year we change a little, or a lot.  Give up something bad for something better.  Work a little harder, or a little less.  Worry more about the right things, less about the mundane.  The same in life as in business.  So this year is our opportunity to do more of the same.  More focus on the people who have supported us, and the same level of contact with every customer.  Listen.  Not enough of us do that.  Just listen.  

    We began the year by just listening.  We listened to the previous letters, phone calls and emails from our customers.  New designs are influenced directly by our clients.  Shipping built into the price.  (which I disagree with, but time will tell).  Nine years ago we stated with 5 designs and this year we've already added 2 new designs to our current inventory of 64 designs.  All orders include "free shipping".  Everyone still gets the email, with a reminder to tell your friends and leave us a review.  I wonder how many of those actually get read.  Few get responded to and a few leave reviews.  Those reviews tell us that we're doing well by the customers.  But I can't help but think that the lack of some reviews may mean something different.  Maybe I shouldn't be concerned with this, but I am.  After all, we average close to 40% year over year sales growth... every year since we started.

     So going forward we will just do the same things. A simple plan, just do what we do.  Make people happy and give many people a path to their memories and accomplishments.  Maybe add some more exposure, more videos about who we are and what we do.  And just keep moving forward!

     Thanks to all of our loyal customers, and check out our video about our mission!

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