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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Honoring our Veterans and building a business

Honoring our Veterans is what we're doing here.  At first it started about me.  I wanted MY wings.  I was proud of them, and wanted a reminder of my accomplishments.  The hats came out so well that I thought others would like them as much as I did.  And many agreed.

Next step...make pilotballcaps.com a reality...with no budget. No experience.  No knowledge of how to build a website, of market products, or using social media.  But learn I did... with many mistakes, I finally got a groove and realized my biggest strength was personal relationships.  I could relate to Veterans, we shared a common bond... and that was the easy part. That's why we try and connect with all of our customers, and many have really become friends.

What followed was a gradual expansion to include other aviation specialties, squadrons, airlines and aircraft.  Most were at the request of our customers..and many of those did very well.  Many did not and we still have the original order in stock.

Our commitment to Vets is why we have kept our prices what they were ten years ago.  It's also why we've sent hats to some Vets when they couldn't afford them, donated to different causes, and joined a variety of Vet's groups.  We just believe in it.  The time is coming when we have to raise prices.  Not because of a profit issue, but rather due to ever increasing shipping costs much of which we have incurred.

Thanks to our thousands of loyal customers and friends. To our Veterans...thank you for your service and sacrifice. And remember to tell your buddies about our little endeavor!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Whose Business is it anyways?

Whose Business is this? Maybe I'm confused but I thought it was mine!  But is it?  Yes and no.  I believe like most businesses, it belongs to the principals who keep it afloat.  That means shareholders, board members, sometimes its employees...and its customers.  For us, I think of our customers as our "board of directors".  They drive where we are going...they influence the new product lines...they ARE our marketing department.

I started this endeavor because I liked the product that I came up with.  You see that?  It was all about me in the beginning.  But that all changed when our customers became invested.  That's when our designs expanded.  New items are usually derived directly from our customer requests.  Most of the time they're right and we do well by listening.  Like any board of directors, or marketing department or advisers...sometimes they get it wrong.  Our biggest successes have been from input from our loyal customers and friends. Ideas that we didn't want, or just didn't consider.

As we stroll though our tenth year I am ever grateful for the loyalty, friendship and advise of our customers.  They are what drives the ship.  Connie and I try and keep in touch with many of them, but their numbers are in the thousands now, and we rely on technology to keep track of everyone.  Facebook helps, but mostly it's the repeat interaction that allows us to maintain that close connection.

You see, at pilotballcaps.com you're part of it... part of the design, marketing and consulting force.  For that Connie and I would like to thank you all for your trust and your help.